Nun Theokliti
(June 8th, 1983 AD - August 18th, 2014 AD)

Dear Sister, Nun Theokliti,
"You didn't go hunting for Him, He called you …
You didn't doubt Him, you gave yourself to Him in simplicity ...
You devoted yourself to Him with trust...
He took you by the hand, and without any stops,
took you up to His palace…
He, the Bridegroom, the King, Christ Himself."
your Gerondissa, Nun Theodekti. 18.08.2014 μ.Χ.

Our beloved sister Nun Theokliti reposed in the Lord on August 18th, 2014 AD.

Tonsure to the Great Schema in the Holy Monastery of the Honorable Forerunner, Anatoli Agias.

On Bright Thursday, at the Holy Monastery of the Honorable Forerunner near Anatoli, we experienced the unique spiritual joy of the tonsure to the Great Schema of Nun Theokliti by His Eminence Ignatios, Metropolitan of Dimitriados.

Three years ago, as "Clara" from the United States, she was catechized and baptized "Fotini." A year ago, on Bright Tuesday, she began her monastic endeavor through donning the rasso as Nun Theokliti. And now, in the midst of the challenge of God's visitation through bodily weakness, as a nun of the Great Schema, she seeks the prayers and intercessions of all of us, that she might tread the path of resurrection and live, with God's help, with humility and patience...

The Abbess Nun Theodekti, all of her sisters and everyone who has been close to her, if even for a little while, resoundingly proclaim: "She is worthy!"

"O Jesus, Thy Lamb crieth unto Thee exclaiming: * 'Thee, O my Bridegroom, do I love, * and seeking Thee I endure Martyrdom, * by baptism I have become crucified and buried with Thee, * and now I suffer for Thy sake, so that I may reign with Thee. * I die for Thee so that I may live with Thee. * As an unblemished sacrifice do Thou receive me * who in love sacrifice myself to Thee'. * By her intercessions, O most Merciful One, save our souls.."

...your sisters already sing for you.