The Monastery receives visitors every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Holy Monastery of the Honorable Forerunner

The Holy Monastery of the Honorable Forerunner was founded by the monk-martyr St. Damianos in the 16th century, abandoned in the mid-20th century, and then re-established by a group of nuns in the year 2000.

The monastery is located on the side of Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), four kilometers from the village Anatoli, near Agia, at a distance of about an hour's journey from Larissa, at an altitude of 1080 m.

Today the monastery complex consists of the "Old Monastery," newer buildings (including a church dedicated to St. Damianos), and St. Damianos' Hermitage, as well as the livestock operation and gardens.

This cenobitic community of Orthodox nuns from various countries is living proof that in essence, in the Orthodox faith all are united, regardless of nationality or language.

Common prayer is supplemented by obediences, including the care of the animals and gardens by which the community supports itself materially.
Current construction efforts include the restoration of the "Old Monastery" and the completion of the newer buildings.

Events at the Monastery