Rasophoria of Sister Theodoriti

Sisters of the Earth – Documentary Trailer (English) by Nicholas Gabriel
15 January 2021

Rasophoria of Sister Theodoriti

A new monastic was added on the eve of Pentecost to the multi-ethnic community of the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos, Anatolis, Agias.

She is Sister Theodoriti, originally from China, whose rasophoria was performed by the Metropolitan Ignatios of Demetriada in the presence of pious pilgrims.

In his speech, His Eminence referred to Pentecost as the "birthday of our Church, the result of the incarnation, the presence of Christ in human history, His sacrifice on Golgotha, His descent into Hades, His Resurrection and Ascension, which led to the coming of the Holy Spirit, through whom we become Christ-bearers and God-bearers.”

Metropolitan Ignatios remarked that “the Holy Spirit works in a unique way in our lives, enlightens and sanctifies. And today we live Pentecost, because we call on the Holy Spirit to strengthen the postulant completely dedicating herself to Christ and the Church.

His Eminence described as a heavenly sign the fact that, on the day that the Church honors the 222 Witnesses of China, in 1900, "we are performing the rasophoria of a person of Chinese origin. This is an achievement of the Martyrs because their own effort and sacrifice work miracles, so that we can live in our local church this wonderful event, in a blessed Monastery, where people from any part of the world can find rest, a fact that shows the Holy Spirit is active."

The new nun met Orthodoxy in her distant homeland, came in contact with the truth of Christ and decided to offer her life to Christ and to Monasticism. His Eminence pointed out, "the Holy Spirit is what unites, while anything that divides is not from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not bind or conquer, but liberates people, does not abolish the character and face of man, but puts everyone in the service of the Gospel. This is how we function in the Church. It does not assimilate us, but calls us to unity and joint work for the sanctification of human souls."

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